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Axion Global joins vibrant community at HKSTP’s FinTech Centre to accelerate Fintech Innovations

(Hong Kong – 7 June 2021) Axion Global Digits (“ Company”) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Axion Global Innovation Centre (“AGIC”), is joining the vibrant and growing fintech community with the establishment of an office at the FINTECH CENTRE @INNOCENTRE of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) in Kowloon Tong.

Launched in January 2021, HKSTP FinTech Centre is an ideal platform for the fintech community to accelerate open innovation and foster cross-industry co-creation and commercialization. The Company believes our presence at the HKSTP FinTech Centre will provide AGIC with a focal point for partnering, business matching, research & development and nurturing of talent for fintech innovations.

Hong Kong's fintech market has developed rapidly in recent years. By becoming part of HKSTP’s ever-growing fintech community, it will provide AGIC with a strong support network to accelerate R&D efforts in bringing the next generation of financial technology solutions to the market. The Company has initiated many product development projects to date, including DocuRoom, a next-generation secured virtual document portal designed for the virtual asset market, due to be launched in the second half of 2021. Another focused area of research and development is Identity as a Service (“IDaaS”) to enable seamless and secure credential authentication. Its cloud-based and artificial intelligence technology can be applied to many scenarios and improve the efficiency and security of identity management.

Mr. Gavin Ho, Director, Strategy & Innovation of Axion Global Digits commented, “We are excited to become part of the HKSTP FinTech Centre community. This move marks an important milestone in fintech innovation for the Company this year. It also demonstrates our commitment to executing our fintech business strategy. We look forward to collaborating with HKSTP and their network companies to foster the development of fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong.”



【香港,2021年6月7日】獅昂環球數科(「Axion Global Digits」、「獅昂環球」或「公司」)欣然宣佈旗下子公司獅昂環球創新中心(「AGIC」)進駐香港科技園公司(科技園公司)位於九龍塘創新中心 (InnoCentre)的全新FinTech Centre (HKSTP FinTech Centre)。

HKSTP FinTech Centre於2021年1月正式啟用,是促進跨行業創新,加速金融科技方案落地的理想平台。進駐HKSTP FinTech Centre可為本公司提供交流協作的聚腳點、商業配對、實驗室和概念驗證的平台以及人才培訓等支援。

近年來,香港金融科技市場迅速發展,進駐科技園公司可使AGIC在研發上得到更多來自HKSTP FinTech Centre的支持,加速公司把新一代金融科技領域的技術解決方案推出市場。截至目前,公司已啟動了多項產品研發,其中包括即將於2021年下半年推出,為虚擬資產市場搭蓋的新一代「虛擬文件室」平台 – DocuRoom;另外一個重點研發領域是身份認證即服務(IDaaS),IDaaS可提供完美且安全的憑證驗證,這個以雲端及人工智能科技為基礎的研發項目可應用於很多情境,充分改善安全身份管理的效率。

獅昂環球策略及創新業務董事何俊傑指出:「我們非常高興能成為HKSTP FinTech Centre的一員,此舉標誌著今年公司於金融科技創新的重要里程碑,也彰顯了我們在金融科技業務策略上的承諾。我們將尋求更多與科技園公司及其網絡成員公司的合作機會,共同推動香港的金融科技生態圈。」


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