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[Announcement] Axion Global led a seed round investment for Beam+ Lab

We are pleased to announce that Edvance International(1410.HK), the parent company of Axion Global Digits (“the Group”) has led a seed round investment for the subscription of Beampluslab Limited (“Beam+ Lab”) through shares in its holding company, Modern Capital Ventures Limited. With the growth of non-fungible token (“NFT”) technologies playing an increasingly disruptive role in digital asset ownership, the Group believes the strategic investment in Beam+ Lab further aligns the Group’s interest in the digital finance and investment business. Such transaction was completed in October 2022, joined by other venture capital and Web3 focused investors such as Mei Ah Capital Limited and Avalanche Foundation.

Beam+ Lab is an NFT infrastructure company that provides the technology rails to unlock great digital ownership and end-to-end Web3 experiences for holders of traditional tangible and intangible assets, and empowers owners of digital assets with the potential to utilize their assets in the fast-growing decentralized financial applications.

本公司欣然宣佈,獅昂環球數科之母公司安領國際(1410.HK)(「該集團」) 已牽頭進行一項種子輪投資, 透過認購 Beampluslab Limited(「Beam+ Lab」)控 股公司 Modern Capital Ventures Limited 之持股,投資 Beam+ Lab。隨著非同質化代幣(「NFT」)技術之發展於數字資產擁有權的角色愈來愈具顛覆性,該集團相信,於 Beam+ Lab 之策略性投資符合本集團數碼金融及投資業務的利益。該交易獲其他創業投資以及 Mei Ah Capital Limited 及 Avalanche Foundation 等專注於 Web3 投資的投資者加入,並已於二零二二年十月完成。

Beam+ Lab 為 NFT 基建公司,提供技術軌道以供傳統有形及無形資產之持有人破解重大數字擁有權及全面 Web3 體驗,並賦予數字資產擁有人利用快速增長之去中心化金融應用程式運用其資產之潛力。


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